Welcome to our "Fuzzies" Page!  If you are looking to introduce a Ferret to your lone Fuzzie, or adopt a pair (or more...), please consider allowing us to assist you!   We strive to make your adoption experience an enjoyable one.  

If you have questions, please ask using the link on our CONTACT US page, email us at myhopesinyou@yahoo.com, or call us at (845) 527-8033.

First we will have you complete and email us your application (link to pdf file for application found below).  Please be specific on page 2!  We will process your application within 24-48 hours and then we will invite you to schedule a visit to meet our pair or single ferrets that best suit your specific situation. 

We are honored to assist you in this memorable experience!



"A rescued pet should only have to be rescued Once"