Oxbow Adult Rabbit, Rat, and Guinea Pig food

Purina Rabbit Chow

Mazuri Chinchilla Food and Rat Block

Sweet Meadow Timothy Rabbit Pellets and Hay

Marshalls and Wysong Ferret Food

HPW for Sugar Gliders (

Equine Pine Pellet Bedding
Carefresh Paper Bedding
Aspen Bedding
High-back litter boxes (found on

Anything from Happy Rabbit Toys (they offer a really cool donation match program too!)
Applewood Sticks and Wooden  Kabob Refills
Bluecloud Chinchilla Dust Bath
Fleece beds and hammocks

Water Bottles (preferably wide-mouth for easy cleaning found at

Oxbow Critical Care
Kitten Revolution 
Gift Cards to Tractor Supply, BlueSeal, PetCo, PetSmart and PetGoods



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