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P.O Box 248

LaGrangeville, NY 12540

(845) 527-8033


Small Animal Rescue, Inc. 

My Hopes In You Small Animal Rescue Inc. is a family and volunteer based organization.  We serve the Mid-Hudson Valley by helping to place unwanted, abandoned, neglected, or abused mice, hamsters, gerbils, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, degus, ferrets, and prairie dogs, into the loving homes they deserve. See what pets are up for adoption!

We have led several local large-scale rescue efforts, as well as assisted with rescue efforts outside of our area.   

Unfortunately, MHIY does not have the ability to care for dogs, cats, birds, or reptiles.  

We have started a local pet therapy program, education program for proper small animal care, and we now have the ability to board pets that have been adopted from us. 

If you would like more information, please contact us!  We are here to help.

Check out this video made by one of our volunteers for a hilarious peek inside the rescue.​..

"A rescued pet should only have to be rescued Once"

Me is one of the babies born of a doe, who was rescued from the "Hampton Rabbit Rescue". This was a large scale rescue effort involving numerous rescues who worked together to seize over 300 rabbits  located in Hampton, New Jersey. He is a sweet boy but does not particularly like you in his space. We like to say he "boxes" with you but it is totally avoidable if you allow him to run free while cleaning his litter box. He loves to be brushed and loves his snuggle time!

Could you be Me's TRUE love and FUREVER family?


​    ​My Hope's In You

Pet of the month -"Me"